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About This Project



Role on project: Lead UX and Visual Designer
Ideas for features & components, scamping, wire-framing, workshops, design layouts, prototyping, user testing, presenting and liaising with clients and stakeholders.


The Helios project is an Alliance technology based platform formed by Renault and Nissan which has the digital experience at its heart to service the needs of 5 car brands and their customers. The intention to put digital information at the centre of the customer experience and allowing customers to engage with the Alliance brands from a computer, mobile phone or tablet.


The Brief

To improve the perception of the Renault brand and increase the overall Psyma scores that are used to rate the car manufacturing industries websites.  Create various components to help to deliver the most effective ways of communicating to customers and to help inform and delight them. The goal being to make the path to purchase as seamless as possible as well as supporting existing customers and their needs.



The Helios platform is used in over 200 locations worldwide delivering a varying, diverse set of content all using the same technologies, templates and components to create web pages that are used to inform users, promote products and support after-sales services. This means that the brand experiences worldwide can be bespoke across different products and across the range using a common set of technological processes.



Content teams around the world use Adobe Experience Manger to access a variety of templates and components that can construct pages varying in size and complexity. Anything from promotional video, image galleries, technical information, interactive 360 model renders, car configurators, booking forms, maps, personalised content and universal pricing. This and more can be accessed and linked to live data at any time and in any location.


UX and Creative

I worked on a diverse set of features in both UX and visual design during my time working with the Renault Taskforce;


♦ This has included a general tidy up and optimisation of the platform as a whole.


♦ I came up with a new IA structure for the global navigation helping to improve the overall usability and flow of their global websites for Renault.


♦ I worked closely with AEM content teams in London and Paris to improve the quality of content structures and layouts as well as helping improve copy on their localised sites.


♦ I helped design and create several prototypes for user testing to gather feedback, iterate designs and define new features and components for development.


♦ I designed several new components and page templates including a new  grades page and an asset gallery.


♦ I also helped design a brand new linear version of the car configurator.



These combined improvements of the platform saw the Psyma scores for customer satisfaction increase in many areas with an over all 80% satisfaction rating.

Site restructure and navigation update – UX and visual design examples

Gallery component – UX and visual design examples

Configurator – Scamps, wireframes & ideation examples


Global website for Renault


Design, Responsive, Scamps, UI, User Journey, User Testing, UX