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About This Project



Role on project: Lead UX
Wire-framing, presenting and liaising with stakeholders, prototyping and running user testing sessions.



This digital payment application was designed to help Tesco customers pay for their shopping and petrol using their mobile device via contactless payment (Android) and QR code (IOS) at Tesco stores nationwide. The apps also added extra benefits to customers by collecting and updating Club Card points and allowing users to track their spending via itemised shopping receipts.


The Brief

Develop and iterate on features for the payQwiq apps for Android and IOS. Gain feedback first from a white list of customers and improve the user journey from download to first use of the app. Increase customer loyalty by adding value through benefits and make the app part of the customers daily shopping experience. Role out payQwiq apps across Tesco stores in the UK and Ireland.



Due to the nature and differences of the operating systems of the Android and iPhone, payQwiq developed two apps in tandem. They both shared core functionality like card scanning, digital wallet card storing, automatic collection of club card points and access to shopping receipts but also had unique features between them.


The payQwiq iPhone app used QR codes to interface with tills and scanners in Tesco stores only.


The payQwiq Android app was able to leverage HCE (Host Card Emulation) which meant it was capable of being used for a greater variety of payment scenarios. It did not require changes to software inside payment terminals and so was a true contactless payment app that could be used anywhere.




♦ Card scanning and secure encrypted storing in digital wallet capabilities.


♦ Integration of the Club Card points to the apps.


♦ HCE used for Android app for use on all payment terminals.


♦ QR codes used for iPhone app for use at all Tesco tills and scanners even when no network coverage or wifi is available.


♦ Tesco tills and scanners required software update to allow use of payQwiq app in stores across the UK and Ireland.



Secured funding from Tesco, Tesco Bank and HSBC to develop and test the payQwiq apps. Rolled out payQwiq first to a white list to develop and improve the experience. Launched to the whole of  the UK and Ireland as well as testing, monitoring and updating all scanners and tills to recognise the PayQwiq payment method.

App store info graphic

User journeys illustrating the life cycle of the payQwiq ecosystem

User testing sessions at the Lever building

Examples of wireframes


IOS and Android payment apps


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