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About This Project

BBC Academy


Role on project: Lead UX
Ideation, scamping, wire-framing, workshops, user testing, presenting and liaising to stakeholders.


The BBC Academy is an educational arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation which trains current and prospective broadcasting employees in the skills of the Broadcasting industry, in addition to training the corporation’s own staff and prospects.

“We aim to share as much of our training as possible with the wider UK broadcasting industry for free” TONY HALL - BBC DIRECTOR GENERAL

The Brief

To reorganise the BBC Academy into one unified platform merging three separate sources of training and information seamlessly into one. Improve the overall find, discover and explore tools of the website therefor allowing very diverse and specialised audiences to easily navigate their way through the vast content available to them.



Due to the differences in technology systems, both internal and external facing as well as third party subscription based content, a service layer was employed to reinterpret these various APIs and represent this information as if it were all coming from one source.


The challenge was also further complicated by access permissions depending on if the user was internal, external or had privileges to view subscription content based on their location or credentials.


Editors, trainers and content teams also had to interface with the system to carry on the work of producing content for the site and to make sure that their target audience would be able to find their content easily.


UX Tasks

♦ Worked for the BBC creating user journeys, wireframes and product features for a complete redesign and rebuild of the BBC Academy portal.


♦ Led several workshops to gather information and to formalise a strategy for features and content.


♦ Helped create a new taxonomy for the portal, incorporating content from several sites including third party APIs surfaced in the new Academy UI seamlessly with the intention of encouraging learning within the broadcast industry.


♦ Formulated a new work flow guideline for the editorial team for adding tags, faceting, categories and filter terms to aid and streamline publishing new content to the Academy and aid discovery for the end user.


♦ Enhanced tools for the end user to aid exploration and discoverability of the Academy’s complex and varied content sets.

Examples of initial idea scamps

Examples of information architecture exploration

Ideas for navigation paradigms

Exploration of mobile interactions

Exploration of content discovery

Examples of component design

BBC Academy

Training Portal


Responsive, Scamps, User Journey, User Testing, UX